A first-hand account of Thibs’s return

A first-hand account of Thibs’s return

what it’s like seeing Thibs stalk the UC sidelines again

Jon Greenberg at The Athletic (which, since it’s Christmas time, you might as well buy a subscription for somebody as it’s cheap and useful) had a fun idea for a column:

So I bought two seats as close as I could get to the Wolves bench — close enough to see the hurt in Ricky Rubio’s eyes when he caught Thibs’ scorn — and spent more time studying the coach’s body language than the game itself.

There’s a lot in this: Thibs reuniting with Butler and Gibson, the famous shaky right hand, and the Bulls fan reactions.

And also a scoop on his milder coaching histrionics?

Sadly, before the game, I was told that even with all his power in his dual roles as president of basketball operations and head coach, Thibodeau had to follow some new protocol in Minnesota. Namely, they told him to tone down the in-game swearing.

Telling Thibs not to say “fuck” is like telling Fred Hoiberg not to stare impassively or Dwyane Wade not to self-promote. You are who you are.

And indeed, this report gives one faith that Thibs stayed angry and swear-y.

There’s also this fantastically-timed video of Thibs’s reaction to one of Taj’s trademark offensive rebound power-slams.

Yeah Thibs is crazy, but it’s nice reassurance in knowing a coach is prepared and (tries, anyway) to have his players be as well.

Plenty more on the craziness over at The Athletic.

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