John Paxson Says He Remains 'Committed' To Jim Boylen

John Paxson Says He Remains 'Committed' To Jim Boylen

John Paxson reaffirmed his commitment to Jim Boylen despite the Chicago Bulls’ struggles this season in an interview with K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

“We’re committed to Jim. There’s no quick fix to this. We’re not thinking of making any changes. Jim is a grinder. He’s going to keep grinding. One thing I respect immensely about him is he’s willing to listen to ideas. The thing he and I do is talk basketball. When I see things, he listens to what I have to say. Not that I’m making the decisions and I don’t tell him to play, but we talk basketball. And he’s open. He’s going to continue to grow and get better. I thought when we hired Chris (Fleming) and Roy (Rogers) this offseason, we improved our staff immensely. And I still believe that and they’re learning their rhythm together. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by our defense. We’re probably ahead of where we should be given the youth of our team. We’re committed to Jim,” said Paxson, emphasizing the team’s development of its young core.

The Bulls are 9-18 on the season.

Paxson added that he still believes the Bulls can make the playoffs this season.

“What we said is our goal is to challenge and compete for the playoffs. I don’t know why that changes. And the reason we said that, the summer we had and the changes we made and the draft and the buy-in in September, our players felt good about themselves. And we all felt good about it. The way Jim is wired, we’re all wired, why shouldn’t we be sending the message to them to compete for the playoffs?”

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