Rajon Rondo 'Looking For A Straightforward Coach' In Next Stop

Rajon Rondo 'Looking For A Straightforward Coach' In Next Stop

Rajon Rondo’s experience with the Chicago Bulls has not been successful and he’s often been blamed internally and in the media for their struggles.

“It’s different, it’s part of, it’s part of life,” Rondo said of his Chicago experience. “I thought it would be different, a lot different. Now it is what it is.”

The players have no idea of the direction of Chicago’s management.

“You can control what you can control. That’s what I tell my [younger teammates]. I’m going through it 11 years but they’re going through it their second or third year, so I try to be the example for those guys and stay professional. My young point guards and my young bigs are going through it here. But I think that’s what I’m here for, to try to help them out.”

Rondo has had disappointing experiences with the Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings and Bulls.

“My perspective on things [has changed], I would love to be part of a winning tradition or winning culture,” he said. “I thought I was going to get that here. The people up top are going in a different direction as far as experimenting. It [stinks] when you have the opportunity to make the playoffs and they want to go a different route.

“I’m looking for a straightforward coach. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most, sitting down with a coach. I want to develop a relationship and see what his goals are.”

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Source: RealGM Basketball Wiretap

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