Source: Gar Forman 'Flat-Out Lied' To Jimmy Butler Before Trade

Source: Gar Forman 'Flat-Out Lied' To Jimmy Butler Before Trade

Gar Forman lied to Jimmy Butler in the days leading up to the Chicago Bulls trade of him to the Minnesota Timberwolves and even continued to do so minutes before the deal was completed, according to a source.

“[Forman] knows what he said,” the source said. “Flat-out lied. That’s just who he is. Travelle [Gaines] hit it on the head.”

Butler’s trainer Gaines’ Tweeted out a message condemning the Bulls’ front office after the trade was announced.

“0-82. Worst culture in the league. I met drug dealers with better morals then their GM. He is a liar and everyone knows,’ wrote Gaines.

In the week since Butler’s trade to the Wolves, there’s been criticism coming out of Chicago about him.

“It’s not frustrating,” Butler said when introduced to the Minnesota media. “It’s expected. Somebody’s gotta take the blame. I’ll be that guy, I’m OK with it. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but with that being said my phone is in my back pocket right now, if whoever has anything to say to me feel free … 773-899-6071. So if you want an interview, there you have it, please do.”

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Source: RealGM Basketball Wiretap

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